Building for the Bay Area and Beyond for Over 25 Years

Executive Board

Striving to provide quality craftsmanship while being mindful of the cost and schedule comes naturally to the team at
L.P. Construction. We are always looking for a way to maximize our resources and time.


President and Founder

Herman Zhao is the President and Founder of L.P. Construction Co. With over 35 years of experience in construction, he attained his goal of creating what is now the multi-million-dollar construction corporation known as L.P. Construction Co., Inc. His passion for construction can be seen in the input he provides to his clients regarding structural value engineering, and the personalized solutions he develops for every one of his clients from start to finish. His hobbies revolve around getting outdoors and being active; biking, hiking and even fixing things around his home.


Vice President

Lamar Zhao is the Vice President at L.P. Construction Co., Inc.  He attained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from UCLA and went on to receive a Master of Science degree in Construction Management from Stanford University.  Immediately after graduate school, Lamar’s dedication helped him achieve a personal aspiration to be able to work on a construction of a Las Vegas hotel/casino (Wynn Encore).   He currently has 10 years of experience in the field but joined the company 9 years ago and has steadily contributed to its growth. Lamar consistently resolves construction issues- keeping the quality and budget in mind while aiding his clients, which makes him an integral part of every project. When he’s not at work he enjoys spending quality time with his family and traveling internationally to discover different cultures and architecture.
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