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Company Philosophy

As a family owned and operated company, our highest priority is providing the best customer service possible. L.P. Construction has a passion for working hand in hand with our clients to deliver high quality results when bringing the vision of your project to life.

We want share in our client’s passion for their projects by making sure we are communicating every step of the process, and completing milestones on schedule. We believe in setting high professional standards to complete each project with a fresh and custom approach.


L.P. Construction Co., Inc. is a San Francisco based general contractor experienced in residential, commercial and industrial building projects across the Bay Area.  Founded in 1994, our company is well informed about all aspects of the trades; from foundation, to electrical and plumbing, all the way to putting the final finishes that make your projects stand out from the rest.


L.P. Construction strives for excellence and we pride ourselves on collaborating with architects and engineers in a joint effort to complete all project as smoothly as possible.  Because of our company’s philosophy of commitment to quality, we have created a strong and trusting relationship with our customers- often servicing clients repeatedly to accomplish multiple successful projects as a team.