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Market Sectors


L.P. Construction offers a comprehensive range of hotel construction services that encompass emerging trend and technologies to deliver best-in-class projects. From ground-up hotel construction to imaginative hotel renovation, we work with you to match our services with your objectives. We seek to minimize construction impacts on guests and hotel employees and we work diligently to ensure the project site is clean, organized and quiet.


Multifamily buildings are one of the most in-demand and continuously evolving commercial real estate markets across the nation. Fueled by the highly competitive marketplace, developers are under more pressure to offer comprehensive amenity packages, smaller but modern units and sophisticated mixed use programming. L.P. Construction has the expertise to meet these demands and deliver living spaces that delight the property owners, real estate developers, and tenants.


L.P. Construction provides custom home building without the headaches. Our capabilities cover every size and style. Our goal for every single family build is to create a beautiful home that serves its inhabitant's lifestyles and feels authentic to its dwellers.

Special Projects

Special uses, such as industrial, food processing facilities, indoor swimming centers, seismic retrofit

New or Major Construction

New and major construction is everywhere these days reflecting more ecologically sustainable materials and more multi-purpose rooms. No matter how major or minor your project is we are more than capable to execute the plans for a new beautiful and functional space made for living and enjoying.


LP Construction provides building tenant improvements, retail, office build-out, and restaurant projects.


At L.P. Construction, client satisfaction is the heart of what we do and nowhere is it more important than during the construction phase of a project. Throughout construction, our team coordinates, manages and supervises all activities from concrete and excavation to finished carpentry to ensure that the project is completed safely, professionally and to our client’s specifications.

Our construction process has been built with this partnership in mind and places the utmost importance on our ability to consistently and effectively communicate with our clients. L.P. Construction recognizes that putting in the energy and effort to build a strong partnership results in successful projects.


Our design-build services provide our clients the convenience of a one stop experience. L.P. Construction will provide architectural, engineering, and construction services as one complete package, utilizing value engineering to lower costs.


This option is effective to clients because it means we become a single point of responsibility minimizing the risk of an ineffective design or extra costs outside of the budget. We provide professional evaluations and make informed decisions regarding your schedule, design and budget, to cultivate a long and trusting relationship with our clients.


In short, our design-build delivery method offers peace of mind, cost-effective design, and construction and a finished project more quickly.


During pre-construction, the project is fully programmed from all aspects of budgeting and pricing to schedule and project execution. An efficient project, both in design and construction, reduces time, which ultimately reduces cost. This commitment to value engineering is demonstrated throughout our projects but it is never more critical than in the pre-construction phase of a project.


As part of our pre-construction services we evaluate every aspect of the project and make suggestions based on what we feel to be the most practical and efficient approaches. Our evaluation includes the availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement, installation and factors related to cost and the cost of alternative design or materials.


We believe that the efforts put forth in the time leading up to the start of construction are critical to the success of a project.

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