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L.P. Construction has the experience, capability, and capacity to perform all types of construction, ranging from concrete and excavation to finished carpentry. With commercial, industrial and residential projects under our belt, we are versatile and knowledgeable in how to best execute a variety of jobs. As a contractor, it is our responsibility to build to our client’s satisfaction, while regulating the budget and the schedule.

Some of the ways that we help to service our clients through all steps on construction include providing cost and quality control and making sure our team is being managed responsibly. This is achieved through our predetermined procedures and schedules- as well as our open and direct communication wth our clientele. As a general contractor we have an obligation to be thoughtful in our selection of qualified suppliers and subcontractors for each individual project.


L.P. Construction can provide design-build services so that the client has a one stop experience. You will no longer need to worry about contacting multiple parties and conveying the correct message to everyone. L.P. Construction will provide architectural, engineering, and construction services as one complete package, utilizing value engineering to lower costs and collaborating closely with each other to complete each phase according to the set schedule.

This option is effective to clients because it means we become a single point of responsibility- therefore minimizing the risk of an ineffective design or extra costs outside of the budget. We provide professional evaluations and make informed decisions regarding your schedule, design and budget, to cultivate a long and trusting relationship with our clients.


With extensive understanding of the building processes and material costs, we can provide pre-construction consulting services to clients at a controlled cost. A majority of the ability to control cost is in the design phase before the construction, and with this in mind, providing value engineering and design input from a contractor’s point of view can substantially lower the total cost of the project, while still providing the most professional and high quality designs.

Value engineering can be broken down into these processes: we consider labor and materials, the feasibility of the construction and provide an evaluation of alternatives. By providing accurate cost estimations and planning site logistics we provide you with sustainable goals for each project objective.